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Welcome to Arbroath & District Pool League
2020 Tayside Singles Draw

2020 Tayside Singles

It is Arbroath’s turn to host the 2020 Tayside Singles competition and this season’s event will be played at Shotz, Arbroath this Saturday, 25th January. The draw is timed and allocated as shown below.  It is the players' responsibility to be in the venue when their match is called, if they are not present then they will be docked 1 frame every two minutes until the match is forfeited.

The format will start with best of five frames. The competition will be played to SPA Blackball Rules. The Tournament Director reserves the right to introduce the one minute rule, if it is deemed necessary.

The draw was carried out by ADPL Committee members and several other league members.

Last 256 - Sign-In Time (10:15am for 10:30am Start)           
Prelim 1    Dean Anderson    v    Nathan Sinclair
Prelim 2    Michael Bastow    v    Ryan Martin
Last 128 - Sign-In Time (10:15am for 10:30am Start)           
Match 1    Winner Prelim 1    v    Winner Prelim 2
Match 2    Logan Hunt    v    John Fotheringham
Match 3    Ronnie Edwards    v    Gary Devlin
Match 5    Kyle Tully    v    Jordan Mcdonald
Match 6    Neil Hallyburton    v    Tom Dye
Match 7    Ryan Fleming    v    Steve Webster
Match 8    Sean McGurk    v    Craig Jamieson
Match 10    Darren Wyllie    v    Graham Fyffe
Match 11    Steven Anderson    v    John McHugh
Match 12    Michael Watt    v    James Curran
Match 13    Derek Livingstone    v    Billy Girdwood
Match 14    Paddy Nicoll    v    Dylan Gray
Match 15    Mark McConnachie    v    Graham Dunbar
Match 16    Jonathan McLean    v    Steve Hamilton
Match 17    Roy Middleton    v    Steve Hallam
Match 18    Jarred Smith    v    Craig Humphreys
Last 128 - Sign-In Time (11:30am)           
Match 19    Jimmy Young    v    Peter McGuone
Match 20    Jamie Gordon    v    Paddy Allen
Match 21    Finlay Harcus    v    Scott Dunbar
Match 22    Stuart Cameron    v    Tony Doyle
Match 23    Craig Sandford    v    John Pollock
Match 24    David McFarlane    v    Ryan Morrison
Match 25    Dennis Henderson    v    Scott Coventry
Match 26    Chris Mitchell    v    Colin Brown
Match 27    Pete Robertson    v    Christian Watt
Match 28    Keir Hamilton    v    Jonny Wood
Match 29    Vince Kenny    v    Billy Leahy Jnr
Match 30    Gordon Smith    v    Steve Reid
Match 31    Sammy McRae    v    Weland Holroyd
Match 32    Kyle Brown    v    Willie Gray
Match 33    Scott Palser    v    Bryan Cumming
Match 34    Debs Crole    v    Billy Leahy Snr
Match 35    Dave Hughes    v    Mark Donald
Match 36    Andrew Ashfield    v    Dean McIntosh
Last 128 - Sign-In Time (12:30pm)           
Match 4    Lee Strachan    v    Eddie Hunt Snr
Match 9    Scott Teviotdale    v    Brandon Gray
Match 37    James McDonald    v    Ruaraidh Garnes
Match 38    Kevin Bloice    v    Stephen Tosh
Match 39    Jimmy Pollock    v    Greg Alexander
Match 40    Arthur Smith    v    Connor Hunter
Match 41    Ryan Tenbruck    v    Kane Scott
Match 42    Chris Martin    v    Jack Denholm
Match 43    Glen McEvoy    v    Tony Goddard
Match 44    Iain Soutar    v    Scott MacEwan
Match 45    Michael Hitchen    v    Dylan Lawson
Match 46    Daryl Scott    v    Danny Elder
Match 47    Andrew Edwards    v    Nick Denson
Match 48    Richard Kermath    v    David Jack
Match 49    Wayne Crole    v    Deryk McLean
Match 50    Chris Thomson    v    Steve Whitton
Match 51    Tyler Abbott    v    Richard Paterson
Match 52    Martin Cherry    v    Paul Leslie
Last 128 - Sign-In Time (1:30pm)           
Match 53    Dave Pawley    v    Oliver Nicol
Match 54    Paul Gowrie    v    Dale Glen
Match 55    Iain Martin    v    John Cargill
Match 56    Andy Braid    v    Gary McLeish
Match 57    Tony Diplexcito    v    Alec Wood
Match 58    Marc Fleming    v    Paul Robertson
Match 59    Keith McKenzie    v    David Cowan
Match 60    John Maud    v    David Thornton
Match 61    Liam Low    v    Derek Watson
Match 62    Calum Menzies    v    Ian Brunton
Match 63    Barry Watson    v    Steve Hardwick
Match 64    Gareth Ruxton    v    Stuart Campbell

Knockout Cup - Last 16
The Knockout Cup draw was made at our recent Committee Meeting.

This is a straight draw from this point onwards:

Last 16 (to be played on Tuesday 28th January)

Match 1: Portcullis v Newgate 1
Match 2: Letham v Shotz 2
Match 3: Shotz 4 v Station 1
Match 4: Bar 1320 A v St Tams 1
Match 5: Burns Bar v Cliffburn
Match 6: Bar 1320 B v Fishermans
Match 7: Merchants v vStation 2
Match 8: Shotz v Buicks

The format, as with all cup matches, will be nine singles and four doubles. Usual sign-in time of 8:00pm.

The losing teams in this round shall enter the Consolation Cup. Captains please note; failure to honour Knockout Cup fixtures will result in your team being excluded from the Consolation Cup.
2020 Legion Singles

Main Images: 2020_legion_singles_finalists_resized.jpg

l to r David Jack (Winner) and Graham Dunbar (Runner-Up)

2020 Tayside Singles

News Images: 2020_tayside_singles_-_resized.png

2019-20 ADPL Challenge Trophy

Main Images: 14a_2019-20_challenge_trophy_finlaists_-_resized.jpg

l to r: Andy Braid (winner), Lee Devine (sponsor)

and Glan McEvoy (runner-up)

2019-20 Knockout Cup
The Knockout Cup 2019-20 will commence on Tuesday 3rd December. There are 22 teams in this year’s competition which results in six prelim matches, six byes and four seeded teams.

The first round draw was carried out tonight.

The first round ties are as follows:

Legion 2 v Fishermans
Anchor 1 v Buicks
Ram's Heid 1 v Portcullis
West Port v Shotz 2
Station 1 v Ram's Heid 2
Newgate 2 v Merchants

The format, as with all cup matches, will be nine singles and four doubles. Usual sign-in time of 8:00pm.

The losing teams in this round shall go onto contest the Consolation Cup. Captains please note; failure to honour Knockout Cup fixtures will result in your team being excluded from the Consolation Cup.

The teams who received a bye into the next round were:
Bar 1320 B, Burns Bar, Cliffburn, Letham, Shotz 4 and St Tams 1

The 4 seeded teams, who join the competition in the next round, are:
Bar 1320 A, Newgate 1, Shotz and Station 2
2019-20 Cliffburn Singles

Main Images: 2019-20_cliffburn_singles_finalists_-_copy.png

Pictured (l to r): Graham Dunbar (Winner), Lee Devine (Sponsor)

and Christian Watt (Runner-Up)

ADPL Singles

Main Images: adpl_singles_finalists.jpg

2019 ADPL Singles Finalists - (left to right) Ryan Diplexcito (Runner-Up)

and Greg Alexander (Winner)

ADPL Doubles

Main Images: adpl_doubles_finalists.jpg

2019 ADPL Doubles Finalists - (left to right) David Williams and Graham Dunbar (Winners)

and Gordon Dickson and Steve Webster (Runners-Up)

ADPL Charity Donation

Main Images: 2019_charity_donation_to_macmillan_cancer_support.jpg

2019 Charity Presentation

2019 AJ Beedie Jewellers Arbroath Open

Main Images: arbroath_open_finalists_and_sponsors.jpg

2019 Arbroath Open Finalists (left to right) Dean Anderson (Runner-Up),

Sandy and Maureen Beedie (Sponsers) and David Jack (Winner)